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Matir Maya 

Join us in bearing witness to the invaluable narratives of “Matir Maya,” an oral history project that sprouted from a single conversation into a vibrant tapestry of British Bangladeshi heritage. United by a shared passion for gardening, we converged to unveil a profound connection between community, identity, and the nurturing of the earth.

Through the voices of our elders who cultivated gardens within London’s urban landscape, “Matir Maya” paints a vivid portrait of heritage thriving against all odds. Lime trees nurtured for decades, chilli plants flourishing on windowsills—these tales resonate with sustainable living and environmental wisdom that have flowed through the community for generations.


My Recipe, My Story

This book plays an essential role for its largely Bangladeshi community in Central London and generations to come by collecting traditional Sylheti recipes, adapted dishes for a multicultural area, and stories of each of the women involved. Alongside some beautiful photography, we have over a hundred different dishes with ingredients, directions and even some added suggestions along the way


Faces in Westminster

was an oral history project documenting the migration histories of early migrants to Central London, managing language barriers, cultural differences and religious obligations. We interviewed them on various struggles and obstacles with adapting their lives and raising a new generation of British Bengalis. In the early stages of this community's integration, Bengali families displayed many hopes and fears of settling in a very different culture. As a research team, we sought to understand how they were empowered, built their confidence and enacted their courage to participate in local community matters, maintaining their own culture and family life whilst balancing it with the demands of a new culture. Our group of 23 young people were trained to collect their memories and compile it all for a physical publication and launch event at the House of Commons.


Legacy of Women Contribution 1971 -

An oral History

Book compiled by young people Central London Youth Development Trust.

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