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Matir Maya

Join us in bearing witness to the invaluable narratives of “Matir Maya,” an oral history project that sprouted from a single conversation into a vibrant tapestry of British Bangladeshi heritage. United by a shared passion for gardening, we converged to unveil a profound connection between community, identity, and the nurturing of the earth. Through the voices of our elders who cultivated gardens within London’s urban landscape, “Matir Maya” paints a vivid portrait of heritage thriving against all odds. Lime trees nurtured for decades, chilli plants flourishing on windowsills—these tales resonate with sustainable living and environmental wisdom that have flowed through the community for generations. Within the pages of this book, you will discover a treasured collection of stories from our elders, along with unique tips, tricks, prayers, and traditions guiding the flourishing of Bangladeshi vegetables on British soil. Interspersed with photographs of exquisite gardens, balconies, rooftops, and windowsills, these pages offer inspiration for cultivating your own green haven. As an added delight, explore a curated collection of classic recipes, enabling you to create traditional Bangladeshi dishes using the bounty of your homegrown produce. “Matir Maya” is not merely a book—it’s a journey that nurtures both the land and the soul.


From our own informal research, we found that many families are not able to support their children according to their needs. Even during school holidays, those parents are not able to take their children for holidays or any joyful activities; therefore, many children of BME communities will be deprived & distressed. Following the needs of those children, we have initiated our Summer Programme so that some of the children at least have some fun and stress-free time with their family and peer groups, and at the same time, they can also learn something. 


From skipping ropes to stationery, we distributed 171 packs to children in Westminster's BAME community, including 120 new beneficiaries, with a range of 17 different activities to engage with at home. The packs were full of well-resourced creative activities that saw our children cooking, painting, completing puzzles, storytelling and much more, and we had a range of packs catered to different age groups too.


According to local and national research, children in primary school are becoming obese due to a lack of exercise and unhealthy eating. Following our research, we discovered that although various organisations have been running different health programmes, nothing suits young children. In order to promote a healthy lifestyle, it is crucial to create activities that children find engaging and beneficial. This project has been continuing since 2017. Every year more than 60 Children participate in this programme,

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