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Future Vision

We have started developing many other projects with our usual programmes targeting disadvantaged young people and their family members. We mainly address health and well-being, skill development and positive transformation of young people's lives. There are some of our future programmes below:


Community-led approach needed to tackle youth violence.
This would be a new initiative to tackle youth violence. We will engage local professional bodies, including the police, youth justice, mental health services etc., to run this programme. This would be a holistic approach and a community-led approach to tackling serious youth violence


Consultation and conferences

A youth conference will be organised to consult young people about their needs, hopes and aspiration.



We had a mentoring programme years ago. Unfortunately, we could not continue this programme due to a funding shortage. But the current situation is alarming, and many young offenders desperately need support; therefore, we believe that mentoring work would strongly impact young people's lives. We are developing a programme along with HMPS (Her Majesty Prison Services) to run a mentoring programme engaging professionals from the local community.  

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